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Cryptopsy, "None So Live"

The time seems right for death metal heavyweights Cryptopsy to release a live album. Having pretty much established themselves globally as one of the top bands in the genre through several big tours, and with a new singer needing to be introduced in Martin Lacroix, there seems to be little question as to this album's validity. The sound is actually quite good, being balanced out between all of the instruments; this is paramount in the case of Cryptopsy, as they have so much interplay, polyrhythms and counterpoint that for any one of the musicians to not be heard is criminal. Not surprisingly, their playing is extremely tight, and thankfully, Lacroix has the abiliity/desire to include some sewage in his delivery, unlike his more hardcore-orientated predecessor Mike DiSalvo. Lacroix faced a pretty tough test with the insanely long scream in "Open Face Surgery", and his performance here does leave something to be desired, but the fact that he is willing to try it speaks volumes on his place in the Cryptopsy timeline. Phenom Flo Mounier delivers a deserved drum solo, though his ghastly kick triggers take away from what could otherwise have been a moment to recruit non-believers into death metal by. This surely would have been a great concert to be at, and it is well-captured here, with songs from all 4 of the bands' full-length albums including "Slit Your Guts", "Shroud" and "Defenestration".