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Anonymus, "Daemonium"

This is album number 4 for Montreal thrashers Anonymus, and they haven't slowed down a notch since the days of "Demonomane" and "Un Pied Dans la Tombe". A noticeable increase in the hardcore influence really comes out on "In Your Face", while a heavier death feel tops off "Twice". The linguistic arsenal of the band allows for songs in Italian, Spanish, English and French, which may just be a record for any one metal outfit. Marco and Oscar's vocals seem more emotional, and the production work of Pierre Remillard is perfect for them in its crisp crunchiness. "Mephisto" features their trademark harmonies and melodies, supplied by Marco and Daniel, the latter of which's brother, Oscar, compliments their work beautifully on bass during "La Mano Criminal". Carlos Araya mans the battery and accents driving skank beats with choppier breakdowns that are often both musical and rhythmically pounding. A great effort by a great bunch of guys who have worked hard to achieve their high level of musicianship and stage energy.