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Masterplan, "Masterplan"
AFM Records
2003, AFM Records
Masterplan, "Masterplan"

This review has two parts. The first is for nine of the eleven songs on Masterplan's self titled "opus." The next review is for the songs "Crystal Night" and "Crawling from Hell."

Kill me right fucking now! Nobody should have to listen to Masterplan. Their music is fucking retarded. How the hell does anyone take this shit seriously? Disgustingly lame power metal with lyrics about rockstars, motorcycles, etc...this could have been written by a goddamn child. Fuck, fuck, fuck I hate this band for wasting my time like this. Tracy Chapman could play metal better than these morons, and she might even sound a bit like them.

Hmm, it's kind of amazing that a power metal band like Masterplan has done something good with their overly dramatic, Hammerfall wannabe sound. The tracks "Crystal Night" and "Crawling from Hell" sure came as surprises on the band's self-titled album. Both possess some decent chugging guitars, and even the vocal delivery can be filtered out so the listener can focus on these two Angel Dust style tracks. Good for them?because at least now I can't in good conscience leave the previous paragraph as the entire review.

Make of that what you will, though I'd still advise you to keep your distance from bands that can be one-upped by Tracy Chapman.

Standout Tracks

   Crystal Night

Peter Johnston