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Godflesh, "Selfless"

Did you ever hear an album that you don't think is that great and discover that it in fact rules the world at a much later date? I have, it is Selfless by Godflesh. I remember listening to this when it came out and all I thought is; it's a rehash of Pure. This isn't to say that it was bad, but it was redundant. It does have several conventions of Godflesh on it. The bass simulates and earthquake, meaning it isn't to be heard, but rather it is to be felt. Justin's vocals vacillate between his cold drone and his shouting, though the pitch shifter is nowhere to be found on here. His guitarwork is also amazing keeping the song from becoming a boring journey into musical fascism. There is a bit more of the weirdness than was on Pure and far more than was on the more straightforward Merciless EP. Some of this even gets downright trippy and ambient while other parts are a kick in the teeth almost literally. The production is of course crunchy, being totally foul and nasty yet crystal clear. How the fuck did they do that time and again anyway? This album does hurt in a good way, like most Godflesh albums do. Personally I still have it at the lower end of the Godflesh scale, but lesser Godflesh still destroys 97% of everything out there. There is only one complaint that I have with this release, I dont need a twenty-four minute noisefest as the end. However Godflesh will be Godflesh, something I am grateful for 99% of the time.

Standout Tracks

   Anything is Mine
   Body Dome Light