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Godflesh, "Merciless"

This is actually the Merciless that came with the re-release of Selfless, (I know the idea of an Earache re-release might shock you but stay with me here). This means it comes with two alleged bonus tracks. I say this because they are remixes of Crush My Soul and Xynobis from Selfless. If you are reading these Godflesh reviews in order then I'm sure you noticed that I dislike the remixes they tend to do. If you are not reading them in order, go back to the beginning and start over, what the deuce is wrong with you? The original EP already had a remix, (of the song Don't Bring me Flowers off of Pure) on it, meaning that an hour long CD has 40 minutes of remixes on it and 20 minutes of original songs. Had the remixes been scrapped this might have been able to compete with Pure and Songs of Love and Hate in the hierarchy of Godflesh. Nothing unseats Streetcleaner and Godflesh. Now that I am done venting my spleen on the evils of the remix let me get into the original material. Merciless' original songs make this a most aptly named EP. This just hurts; teeth-rattling bass and drum machine slams combined with noisy guitar and evil vocals to make an unholy alliance. I swear in the song Merciless there is one part where Justin's vocals get so cold that the room temperature actually drops. Few things give the chills like that. It is the usual Godflesh production, nasty yet clear. Overall like I said before if this didn't have three garbage remixes holding it back this could be the third best release in an already amazing catalog of work. Listen and suffer.

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