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Christian Death, "Lover of Sin"

I had always wondered what I had been missing by never listening to Christian Death. If the band's 2002 offering Lover of Sin is any indication, then it would be safe to say that I've missed very, very little. Virtually everything about this disc is either sub-par or has been done before and better by another group.

Here's a quick outline: the cover artwork is quite poor. Though the idea might be worth expanding upon, in its current state it should have been drastically improved. Next, the production, though clear, is strange, as guitar tones and drums are separated, and seem somewhat hollow. Finally, and probably most detrimental to the success of the disc is the music's weakness.

The guitar licks are juvenile, the drums are unimpressive, and the vocals are a VERY poor, falsetto Dani Filth impresonation. There's nothing musically desirable offered up on Lover of Sin. In fact, the band further digs it's own grave by stealing the theme from The Usual Suspects and putting it to guitar on "Stone Cold." What a fucking awful idea: ruin a perfectly good piece of music and still have nothing to show for it. That in itself almost takes talent.

Lover of Sin is a piece of crap. Avoid this if you don't feel like wasting money.

Peter Johnston