Reviews : Albums : Electric Wizard, "Let Us Prey"

Electric Wizard, "Let Us Prey"

I'm tired of waiting for Electric Wizard to get good. They've got all they need, except they keep coming up with fucking lame-ass music. The band name's awesome, the album and song titles are cool, they've got sweet artwork, but the music still fucking blows!

Let me break it down for you quickly: the music is too lethargic (not the same as slow), lacking in the guts necessary to make stoner rock work (see Sheavy, Orange Goblin, Kyuss, etc. for an example of "guts"). Furthermore, the vocalist must be really shy because the vocals are buried so far behind the wall of guitars that sometimes they're inaudible. The band's production values are way off in my humble opinion, because if there's going to be a need for a vocalist, shouldn't we hear him? Don't buy Let Us Prey, not even if you hear that these guys really like pot and the idea of the world ending.

Peter Johnston