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Leadfoot, "We Drink for Free"
We Drink for Free
2003, Lunasound
Leadfoot, "We Drink for Free"

What we have here is the direct result of too many nights out at the bars. Leadfoot have possibly created with their latest album, We Drink for Free, the ultimate soundtrack for getting drunk with your buddies. These longhairs play surprisingly upbeat rock, similar to Roadsaw, but with less of the stoner edge, and many more songs about beer, blow jobs and the rest of nightlife (though they pretty much have their bases covered with the first two). The songs "Saturday Knight" and "(If you don't go down on me) Someone Else Will" are two shining examples of the band's hedonistic theme.

Though this is all well and good, there are a few annoying aspects about the album. The first, and easily most detrimental is that the music fails to be either catchy or aggressive. The songs are all easy to digest, but it's very difficult to care too much about them. The second problem is that the lyrics are almost all somewhere between incoherent and totally unintelligent. Though we've got to give Leadfoot some serious props for the song "Chicks Love Metal," a track that makes us all wish we were famous enough to have groupies.

We Drink for Free ends up falling in that grey zone of uninspired yet entertaining. There are better rock albums out there, but you won't find any with as many songs directly about fellatio.

Standout Tracks

   Someone Else Will
   Chicks Love Metal
   Champion of Living

Peter Johnston