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Limbonic Art, "Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death"

It's really difficult to keep up with the Norwegian black metal scene these days. No longer can we just focus on Emperor, Enslaved and Immortal, because if we were so foolish, bands like Myrkskog, Zyklon and Limbonic Art (just to name a few) would go unnoticed, and we'd be the worse for it. Speaking of Limbonic Art, have you ever really given this band a chance? I know: it's too tough to get their albums, or the production is not clean enough, or you don't like the drum machine, or something. Yeah, I hear you. I hadn't ever really given Limbonic Art a fighting chance before either.

The truth is, now every time I listen to Ad Noctum/Dynasty of Death I can't help but think, "damn, this is some pretty killer shit." I'd try to compare this album with their other works, but it would be a futile effort in bullshit since I am almost completely unfamiliar with anything else in the Limbonic Art's catalog. As far as I can tell, other bands in metal don't sound much like these guys. Their use of keyboards and programming, long songs with complex symphonic arrangements that borrow from some from classical music are rather sparse in the scene these days. Furthermore, this dynamic duo (couldn't help it) really is capable of writing catchy riffs that compliment the rhythms nicely. Add some aggressive black metal vocals and a relatively clean production job, and Ad Noctum/Dynasty of Death is sounding like an album that shouldn't be so quickly overlooked. You just might find that you've been missing out all this time.

Note: Enthralled By the Shrine of Silence and Behind the Darkened Walls of Sleep are bonus tracks for the reissue version of the album.

Standout Tracks

   In Embers of Infernal Greed
   Behind the Darkened Walls of Sleep

Peter Johnston