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Ablaze My Sorrow, "The Plague"
Ablaze My Sorrow
The Plague
No Fashion Records
1997, No Fashion Records
Ablaze My Sorrow, "The Plague"

On the band's second effort, Ablaze My Sorrow does everything right that was wrong or clumsy on If Emotions Still Burn. Gone are the airy, directionless arrangements, and in their places are songs that have the perfect balance of speed, brutality and melody. The cuts are now focused, aggressive and razor sharp. The band's new music fucking kills. After the intro, "The Truth Is Sold" lays waste to any doubts you may have had about Ablaze My Sorrow previously. Two tracks later, their best song, "Mournful Serenade" raises the bar, challenging the listener to find a song that is better suited as driving music. Its unbridled energy, fatty mid-paced groove, killer hooks and the awesome power metal scream at the beginning make it an essential song for fans of all metal, not just melodic Swedish metal. Also included on the disc are some other crushing tracks like "Into the Land of Dreams" and "Plague of Mine." This disc is redemption in every way for the band. There's no denying The Plague!

Standout Tracks

   The Truth is Sold
   Mournful Serenade
   I Will Be Your God

Peter Johnston