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All Else Failed, "Archetype"

*Yawn* I am so bored with the East Coast technical-metal-hardcore-"I wish I were as good as Dillinger Escape Plan" scene. Bands like Burnt By the Sun, Luddite Clone, and now All Else Failed fall (hard) into this category, where all are reaching for a sound that conveys both technical wizardry and genius through hardcore noise. Dillinger Escape Plan is the pioneering band here, and so far all these other groups have only been able to do poor imitations. It's that simple.

All Else Failed tries to add clean vocals, piano strains and acoustic sections for originality. Since these vocals are utterly weak and unconvincing, the pianos are poorly placed, and the acoustic sections only take away from the intensity that the band has worked so hard to build up, their ideas are not so well thought out. Archetype for all its noise, discordance and blasting fury falls far short of good.

Peter Johnston