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Susperia, "Predominance"

Consisting of musicians who have played with the likes of Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child and Satyricon, Norway's Susperia is obviously not messing around. Nuclear Blast's newest signing from the frozen north not only boasts of greatness on the debut album Predominance, the band delivers by the dump truck load. The album, having been produced at Abyss Studio by Peter Tagtgren possesses an extremely clean yet grating mechanical feel. The music, perfectly executed, is thrashing semi-melodic black/death metal with some keyboards and electronica for added flavor. The vocals range from the familiar black metal abrasions to sung/chanted passages that resemble those of more recent Borknagar. The rhythm section, featuring ex-Dimmu Borgir skinsman Tjodalv, is all one could hope for, and the guitars are played with flair and captivating style. Though there are some songs on the disc that are better than the others (see standout tracks), it is almost impossible to find fault with any of them. Putting Predominance into your CD player will likely result in playing the whole disc and listening with rapt attention. Take heed, take cover, and take my advice. Susperia is already a force to be reckoned with.

Standout Tracks

   I am Pain
   Of Hate We Breed

Peter Johnston