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Cryptopsy, "And then You'll Beg"

Two years have passed since their previous effort, Whisper Supremacy, and now Canadian death metallers Cryptopsy return to try to blast us all straight to hell with their maniacally fast and technical music. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. This band, though well established as "brutal" and "extreme" with their earliest efforts, has found itself a rut with their new sound. Like on Whisper Supremacy, Cryptopsy has managed to create songs that are quite bewildering and fast, but just don't flow that well, and to add to it, some of these tracks approach seven minutes in length ("Screams Go Unheard" even manages 7:20). Much of the disc is terribly exhausting to listen to -- and then I'll beg for it to end (sorry, that was really bad) ? and for the most part, it doesn't seem to hang together very well because it is so technical. Musically, the band shows its utter and total control over all the instruments, but the digression that is obvious when And then You'll Beg is compared to None So Vile is both evident and sad. On top of this, Mike DiSalvo's vocals really don't seem powerful enough, and the production is so cold that it takes away from the earthy, warm vibe that this band should want with its violent grinding sound. Cryptopsy's new album is disappointing because the band has so much potential but they continue to make decisions that take a great deal away from the music?and I just wish Lord Worm were still in the band!

Standout Tracks

   Equivalent Equilibrium
   Back to the Worms

Peter Johnston