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Cryptopsy, "Whisper Supremacy"

Sometimes bands can dig themselves into a very deep hole by creating an album that is so good, no matter what the follow-up sounds like it will be a disappointment. Canadian maniacs Cryptopsy did just this with their second album None So Vile. And to make things worse, they had to adjust to a vocalist change as well as label change. The cards really were stacked against Whisper Supremacy before the band even released it. This album, though technical wizardry all the way, suffers from the vocalist change quite severely since Lord Worm's subhuman death grunts and schizophrenic screeches are replaced by angry, though inadequate throaty hardcoreish delivery of Mike DiSalvo. The production is also too polished, making the disc sound mechanical. Finally, the band's songwriting went down a notch from before. The drumming is still the best in the business, and the guitar work is impressive, but this is not enough to save the disc from mediocrity and ultimately being a disappointment. Not to worry, they are still signed to Century Media, and the new album should see the most brutal band in the world comfortable with their situation again.

Standout Tracks

   Cold Hate, Warm Blood
   Flame to the Surface

Peter Johnston