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Black Sabbath, "The Dio Years" Black Sabbath
The Dio Years
Rhino Records
What is not to like about this? Actually, the worst thing about this release is that there is only one track from “Live Evil”, one of the best live metal albums of all time. “The Dio Years” is basically a greatest hits album with the inclusion of three new tracks to insure that people who have these albums buy this...
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Black Sabbath, "Black Sabbath" Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath
Warner Brothers
Let's exhume one from the crypt and prop up the musty carcass for autopsy. This stinking old corpse first saw the light of day on Friday, February 13th 1970 when Warner Bros. released a cataract of darkness fully formed upon the unsuspecting world of rock music. Black Sabbath's debut album is one of the foundations...
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