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Pharaoh, "Be Gone" Pharaoh
Be Gone
Cruz Del Sur Music
It’s a little ironic that Cruz Del Sur, an Italian record label, would have such a significant role in reviving America’s traditional metal scene. Under their hand, artists Hammers of Misfortune, Slough Feg, Crescent Shield, and others have received international distribution and acclaim from critics and fans alike. To this reviewer, however, the label’s greatest feat has nothing to do...
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Pharaoh, "The Longest Night" Pharaoh
The Longest Night
Cruz Del Sur Music
"The Longest Night" is the sophomore release from Pharaoh. The band has gotten hyped on the message boards that I lurk, but this is the first I've heard by them. Formed in 1997 by drummer Chris Black, bassist Chris Derns and guitarist Matt Johnsen (also a scribe for "Metal Maniacs"), the group eventually landed Control Denied screamer Tim Aymar to...
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Pharaoh, "After the Fire" Pharaoh
After the Fire
Cruz Del Sur Music
Power metal and traditional heavy metal have always seemed a bit weak to me. Unless the band is Iced Earth, Demons and Wizards, or Nevermore, I'll happily opt for spinning heavier stuff. In fact, I find it very difficult to understand why most people get into bands like Blind Guardian or even (dare I...
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