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Sunn 0))), "Black One" Sunn 0)))
Black One
Southern Lord
This is truly, truly the pure essence of unbridled, kathartic dissolution; pure emotional abandonment. A new commandment in the scriptures of (anti) musick, a brooding swell of sonic blackened noise. The prime example of the black metallist’s aesthetic torn asunder, Black One is the hellish excursion by ambientdoombassdrone trolls Sunn0))) into the seedy malevolent aura of black metal; they have...
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Sunn 0))), "White 2" Sunn 0)))
White 2
Southern Lord
Three tracks of subsonic bass rumblings at glacial speed, and an hour long disc...hmm...sounds like a Southern Lord band to me. In fact, these bassy vibrations come from Sunn 0)), the quintessential Southern Lord supergroup. Just last year they released a mammoth slab of sub-doom in White 1, and now, we're handed the second episode, White...
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Sunn 0))), "White 1" Sunn 0)))
White 1
Southern Lord
A rumbling landscape of amorphous bass and feedback blasts the listener as "My Wall," the gargantuan, 25-minute opener kicks off Sunn 0)))'s White 1 album. Moving like a glacier, the song features a long, fairly well written poem, presented in a spoken delivery. The most interesting part about this track is easily the quality of the voice which...
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