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Ablaze My Sorrow, "The Plague" Ablaze My Sorrow
The Plague
No Fashion Records
On the band's second effort, Ablaze My Sorrow does everything right that was wrong or clumsy on If Emotions Still Burn. Gone are the airy, directionless arrangements, and in their places are songs that have the perfect balance of speed, brutality and melody. The cuts are now focused, aggressive and razor sharp. The...
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Ablaze My Sorrow, "If Emotions Still Burn" Ablaze My Sorrow
If Emotions Still Burn
No Fashion Records
This young Swedish quintet's debut is not bad, especially considering the members' ages and the fact that the album was released six whole years ago. Unfortunately, the songs are somewhat convoluted and disorienting. Ablaze My Sorrow seems to play with a lot of heart but little organization. Good riffs aren't revisited enough, there...
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