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Haemmorrhage, "The Kill Sessions" Haemmorrhage
The Kill Sessions
Emetic Records
The Kill Sessions is Haemorrhage’s 20-minute, 10-track, live-in-studio, best-of album. For many of us who enjoy a good slab of gore but somehow haven’t spent the money or time online to check out this veteran Spanish act, this disc seems like a truly appropriate place to begin. Immediately as “Mortuary Riot” kicks off, from the rancid, thick guitar...
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Haemmorrhage, "Dementia Rex" Haemmorrhage
Dementia Rex
Razorback Records
Spain's Haemorrhage, alongside Impaled, take on the filthy task of debunking all the gory myths about insane asylums on the Razorback Records split album Dementia Rex. The band contributes four tracks and an intro before Impaled steal the show. Of these four songs, only one stands out from the rest, as the majority of Haemorrhage's contribution...
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