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Boris, "Smile" Boris
Southern Lord
These guys just get weirder and weirder. Traditionally they are just as noisy as can be. On their newest release, Smile, they still rock the noise but it is far more musical and purposeful than in the past. The really different element of this album is the almost prog rock direction that the band utilizes on these songs. There is...
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Boris, "Pink" Boris
Southern Lord
Let me preface this buy saying that this record is good; damn good; the dreamy directions and meandering melodies coupled with the wistful vocals ultimately create a damn fine event of minimalist dronerock, but then we have assholes and opinions, and here are mine: Whereas I am usually always a fan of the heavy, and I was pretty hyped on checking...
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Boris, "Absolutego" Boris
Southern Lord
Though many into the stoner/doom scene find long, slow songs interesting, there is a line which most bands intelligently decide not to cross. Unfortunately, Boris runs headlong past this point and well into the realm of "we are stupid and nobody should listen us." In fact, I don't think it is fair to other bands to...
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