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Edge of Sanity, "Crimson II" Edge of Sanity
Crimson II
Black Mark
Mmmm, Swano. One of metal's more talented individuals, Mr. Dan Swano has been the driving force behind about a thousand bands, most notably Edge of Sanity, Moontower, Nightingale and Pan Thy Monium (a terribly underrated act). Edge of Sanity was the vehicle that drove his voice to the top of more than a few Best Vocalist lists, though, and its...
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Edge of Sanity, "Crimson" Edge of Sanity
Black Mark
It is truly remarkable what Edge of Sanity has achieved with "Crimson". While previous releases, stellar releases mind you, such as "Purgatory Afterglow" or "The Spectral Sorrows", put Edge of Sanity in a niche of its own, it has never achieved something of these proportions and epic magnitude. In fact, not many bands have created a one song concept album...
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