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Anaal Nathrakh , "Domine Non Es Dignus" Anaal Nathrakh
Domine Non Es Dignus
Season of Mist
Anaal Nathrakh’s debut was so necro it hurt to listen to. It was scary, polished and dirty all at the same time, and absolutely brimming with contempt and malice. So what do these British black metal barbarians do on their second full album, Domine Non Es Dignus? It might sound surprising, but they polish the production up,...
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Anaal Nathrakh , "The Codex Necro" Anaal Nathrakh
The Codex Necro
Mordgrimm Records
I was recommended this album by a friend, who said it's the most brutal black metal sound he has ever heard. So I thought "Oh great, another Dark Funeral/Marduk clone". Hell, how wrong was I. The first thing to strike at you when you listen to it, is the intensity, the sheer sense of speed and brutality. It's brain-melting-skin-churning-ear-exploding-eye-popping black metal...
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