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Nargaroth, "Geliebte des Regens" Nargaroth
Geliebte des Regens
No Colours Records
A review of Geliebte des Regens recently appeared in a major metal publication, and the reviewer found it to be boring, and rife with Moonblood plagiarism. Well; I am going to beg to differ; yes, Geliebte des Regens is a tad boring, besides the intro, the shortest song still tops 11 minutes, the 17 minute "Manchmal Wenn Sie Schläft" appears...
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Nargaroth, "Black Metal Ist Krieg" Nargaroth
Black Metal Ist Krieg
No Colours Records
Not many can boast Nargaroth's stupendous discography. From their first demo and up to their last full length release, Nargaroth has established itself as one of the front runners of black metal masters. And whoever has heard "Black Metal Ist Krieg" can argue that it's probably Kanwulf's best effort in the long 15 years of existance. This third Nargaroth delivery...
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Nargaroth, "Herbstleyd" Nargaroth
No Colours Records
You know, black metal and black metal band members can come off quite ridiculous sometimes. Some people see it as just that, ridiculous; but I don't. I love black metal, and the black metal image; corpse paint, leather, chains, inverted crosses, "cobweb and icicle" logos, the works. I do know that this is image, shock value, whatever; I know that...
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