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Epoch of Unlight, "The Continuum Hypothesis" Epoch of Unlight
The Continuum Hypothesis
The End Records
Third release from these metal madmen from the grim hinterlands of Tennessee, and it’s a tasty bone to gnaw upon. After the promising “Caught in the Unlight” and “What Will Be Has Been”, they seem to be really hitting their stride with this one. I’d say they’ve all but shed any pretensions of black...
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Epoch of Unlight, "What Will Be Has Been" Epoch of Unlight
What Will Be Has Been
The End Records
Black metal? Yeah, I guess so, but neither in the necro style nor the super polished style, but somewhere comfortably in between. Epoch of Unlight have decent production, certainly know their instruments, and haven't added any sterility or death metal influence whatsoever to their sound. As a result, What Will Be Has Been is very fast, melodic, and damp, almost as...
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