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Hidden, "Alexisstar Morphalite" Hidden
Alexisstar Morphalite
Red Stream
With a title like that, and song title's like "Interferometer", "Hydrodynamic Physics" or my favorite, "Interplanetary Space Physics and Climatology", if you're not getting that this is heavily science influenced metal, you don't know your science influenced metal from a rift in the time-space continuum. Now I'm nominally a fan of this sub-genre; I don't keep up with...
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Hidden, "Spectral Magnitude" Hidden
Spectral Magnitude
Red Stream
Hidden dub their music "astral metal," as its over-riding lyrical theme is that of space and science. But, beneath the heady concepts lies a challenging album that's creativity is hampered only by the questionable production. Spectral Magnitude begins with an arpeggiated bassline [always a sure indicator of fretboard gymnatics to come], and proceeds to spill out a bewildering mix of virtuosity,...
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