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Blut Aus Nord, "Odinist" Blut Aus Nord

After confounding the black metal world (in a good way) with ‘The Work Which Transforms God’ in 2003, France’s Blut Aus Nord proceeded to confound once again (this time in a not so good way) with ‘MoRT’. Both albums were merciless slabs of atonal misery, but something about ‘MoRT’s industrial lurching just didn’t click with some listeners. Evidently, that record...
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Blut Aus Nord, "Mort" Blut Aus Nord
Candlelight Records
With more dissonance per bar than all your Voivod and Gorguts albums put together, this might be a polarizing album for most folks, who will likely either worship or reject it outright. While the same interesting electronic beats featured on their earlier albums break up what might otherwise be a very hypnotic sound, the other instruments break into some of...
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Blut Aus Nord, "The Work Which Transforms God" Blut Aus Nord
The Work Which Transforms God
Candlelight Records
Blut Aus Nord hail from France and they play one of a kind black metal on The Work Which Transforms God. The poor production, overuse of synth and trance style atmospheres that basically make the disc what it is, show us listeners what a black metal band with "vision" is all about. Sarcasm aside, Blut Aus Nord take...
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Blut Aus Nord, "Memoria Vetusta I (Fathers of the Icy Ages)" Blut Aus Nord
Memoria Vetusta I (Fathers of the Icy Ages)
Candlelight Records
Well, first off, why they lost the Francois de Nomé artwork in favor if the blurry green landscapes and illegible text is beyond me. At least the music is the same. Years before Blut Aus Nord decided to venture into space, they crafted fucking epic ghoulish black metal. And while the synth work has always been prevalent (not so much...
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Blut Aus Nord, "Ultima Thulee" Blut Aus Nord
Ultima Thulee
Candlelight Records
This, the first effort of France’s Blut Aus Nord, is a competent meld of horror synth and sparse, vague, Emperor-isms, culminating in a completely fucked, scary slab of thick black metal. Reminiscent of elder Immortal, Moonblood, Graveland minus the folk, Ultima Thulee stands as a strong debut, and given the use of the synth-scapes, can easily stand as a grindy...
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