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Dawn of Azazel, "Sedition" Dawn of Azazel
Ibex Moon Records
Sedition is Dawn of Azazelís second album, and with the bandís scathing material and excellent packaging/artwork, itís sure to put this New Zealand trio on the map. Though the nine songs on this disc donít quite reach half-an-hour, itís excusable here because there isnít a wasted millisecond on the album. Every moment is filled with sour riffing, chaotic...
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Dawn of Azazel, "The Law of the Strong" Dawn of Azazel
The Law of the Strong
Agonia Records
I am not sure of the "scene" background of Dawn of Azazel (Azazel of which, I nominate for retirement from metal band names), but this is some seriously fucking harsh death-core/power violence/grind metal nonsense. Not nonsense in a bad way, by any means. Dawn of Azazel seriously fucking obliterate in a way that so many non-Gothenburg-raping metalcore acts wish they...
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