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Cryptopsy, "The Unspoken King" Cryptopsy
The Unspoken King
Century Media
This album had a monumental amount of things going against it even during its inception: it is the first since the early 90s to not utilize the compositional skills of departed guitarist Jon Levasseur who undoubtably penned their best and most unique material; vocal duties are handled by a frontman in the metalcore genre (as are secondary guitars)...
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Cryptopsy, "Once Was Not" Cryptopsy
Once Was Not
Century Media
The anticipation behind this release simply cannot be measured. Knowing that the infamous Lord Worm had returned to lead Cryptopsy after the leaps and bounds the band has progressed in his wake has piqued the curiosity of even the least devoted fan. The question of whether the band would regress back to its more raw beginnings or whether...
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Cryptopsy, "None So Live" Cryptopsy
None So Live
Century Media
The time seems right for death metal heavyweights Cryptopsy to release a live album. Having pretty much established themselves globally as one of the top bands in the genre through several big tours, and with a new singer needing to be introduced in Martin Lacroix, there seems to be little question as to this album's validity. The sound is actually...
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Cryptopsy, "Ungentle Exhumation" Cryptopsy
Ungentle Exhumation
Galy Records
This is a re-issue of Cryptopsy's 1993 pre-"Blasphemy Made Flesh" demo, when only 1 current member was in the band. 4 songs in total, all of which appear on their aforementioned full-length later on. The line-up here does feature old vokillist Lord Worm and ex-axeman Steve Thibault, with Dave Galea on guitar and Kevin Weagle on bass. "Gravaged" starts things...
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Cryptopsy, "And then You'll Beg" Cryptopsy
And then You'll Beg
Century Media
Two years have passed since their previous effort, Whisper Supremacy, and now Canadian death metallers Cryptopsy return to try to blast us all straight to hell with their maniacally fast and technical music. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. This band, though well established as "brutal" and "extreme" with their earliest efforts, has found itself a...
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Cryptopsy, "Whisper Supremacy" Cryptopsy
Whisper Supremacy
Century Media
Sometimes bands can dig themselves into a very deep hole by creating an album that is so good, no matter what the follow-up sounds like it will be a disappointment. Canadian maniacs Cryptopsy did just this with their second album None So Vile. And to make things worse, they had to adjust to a vocalist change as well...
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Cryptopsy, "None So Vile" Cryptopsy
None So Vile
Wrong Again Records
There is none heavier, none faster, none better in the brutal death scene than Cryptopsy on their sophomore effort None So Vile. This is without a single doubt these Canadians' best work (and in my opinion, this is the single heaviest, best brutal death metal album ever). Though the music is technical, it is played...
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