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Stuck Mojo, "Southern Born Killers" Stuck Mojo
Southern Born Killers
Napalm Records
Was this really necessary? This band booked up Andy Sneap’s time and made him unavailable for probably the most ground breaking record you will never hear. All that for another rehashed Nu Metal album. On top of that, when I say rehashed, this is now the third time this has been released, with the stellar addition of three new tracks....
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Stuck Mojo, "Declaration of a Headhunter" Stuck Mojo
Declaration of a Headhunter
Century Media
If you have watched much televised wrestling, you probably at least know of rap-metallers Stuck Mojo. And if you are into this style of music, you probably really enjoy their stuff because as far as rap-metal goes, it is the cream of the crop. Heavy guitars, great beats, interesting leads, varied rap/sung/deep vocals and crisp, clean...
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