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Mercenary, "The Hours That Remain" Mercenary
The Hours That Remain
Century Media
The recent news that bassist/vocalist Kral split from Mercenary is not at all the positive hype a band would hope to build with a new album and prospective tours upcoming. Though the liner notes of the band’s albums do not indicate any specific member as the main songwriter, Kral’s arrival coincided with Mercenary’s shift from a simple melodic death metal...
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Mercenary, "11 Dreams" Mercenary
11 Dreams
Century Media
Mercenary popped onto my radar screen when they played the U.S. ProgPower Fest. Glenn Harveston's show is rapidly becoming one of the most respected multi-day metal events in the country - so any band that he books is worth checking out in my book. Thus I bought "Everblack" and thought it was decent, but I never devoted much time to...
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