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Himsa, "Summon the Thunder" Himsa
Summon the Thunder
Century Media
Himsa really found their stride with Courting Tragedy and Disaster. They refined their attack with Hail Horror, and now they’re surgical-steel sharp and equally focused on Summon in Thunder. In my opinion, nothing stylistically has changed for the band over these releases, they’ve simply tightened up their sound on each pass. In the process Himsa have...
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Himsa, "Hail Horror" Himsa
Hail Horror
Prosthetic Records
Has anyone else noticed more and more former “metalcore” acts jumping ship and streamlining their sound in favor of the “American Metal” sound? As if toning down their breakdown-heavy attack for a more thrash-based approach to ripping off the same Gothenburg sound really makes that much of a difference. I guess it is cool that these bands are trying to...
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Himsa, "You've Seen Too Much : Live in Seattle, 2004" You've Seen Too Much : Live in Seattle, 2004
Prosthetic Records
I'd never been much of a fan of concert DVDs, and I'd never before heard Himsa, so from the band's perspective (not that they had any choice here), it was risky at best to entrust You've Seen too Much (Live in Seattle 2004) DVD to my care. The main attraction consists of ten tracks mostly from the band's Courting Tragedy and...
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