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Dimentianon, "Promo 2006" Dimentianon
Promo 2006
What a mess, but a pretty good mess, all things considered. The sort of mess one might get if FM radio went metal and someone hooked it up to an amplifier with the reverb set at 10 and then spun the dial, mashing each station and the static between together. Dimentianon are a new act formed by veterans of the New...
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Dimentianon, "Promo 2005" Dimentianon
Promo 2005
Dimentianon like to do very raw and very fast death metal. This is pretty solid stuff, especially the drummer who plays as though amphetamines are one of the four basic food groups. This is my favorite part of the promo since the rest of the music isn't anything you haven't heard before. It's pretty solid stuff, but...
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