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Scar Symmetry, "Pitch | Black | Progress" Scar Symmetry
Pitch | Black | Progress
Nuclear Blast Records
Scar Symmetry were bold on their debut Symmetric in Design. With an all star cast, the wish to truly succeed in making melodic death metal sound progressive, and Christian Alvestam’s ability to actually sing for the clean sections of the songs, the album was quite the surprising success. On the band’s sophomore effort, Pitch Black Progress (strangely similar...
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Scar Symmetry, "Symmetric in Design" Scar Symmetry
Symmetric in Design
Nuclear Blast Records
I used to be fucking furious at Soilwork for throwing all their efforts away on the trash they’re making these days. I used to listen to their more recent work over and over just to see if I wasn’t getting it. I was, and it became clear that they had fallen hard. Soilwork attempted to take melodic...
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