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Black Crucifixion, "Black Crucifixion" Black Crucifixion
Black Crucifixion
Paragon Records
"Faustian Dream" marks Finnish band Black Crucifixion's departure from their earlier, raw black metal style. Being unfamiliar with their previous efforts, "The Fallen One of Flames" and "Promethean Gift," I wasn't sure what to expect. According to my promo slip, though, I should have been expecting something earth-shattering - "the band’s most innovative work to date." A word to whoever...
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Black Crucifixion, "The Fallen One of Flames" Black Crucifixion
The Fallen One of Flames
Paragon Records
Two dudes form the adolescent Black Crucifixion in the early nineties and slowly fade away. Featuring Intro and Outro credits by Holocausto Vengeance of Beherit and three plodding demo tracks of minimalist black metal that falls somewhere between lo-fi Graveland and somewhat organized Nargaroth, The Fallen One of Flames was recorded in January 1992, and now upon this day it...
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