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Beseech, "Sunless Days" Beseech
Sunless Days
Napalm Records
Beseech are a Swedish band who remind me of a mix of later Paradise Lost and Dark Tranquillity, though the musicianship is not on the level of DT. However, few bands are so I can't hold it against them. I think it’s the bass sound that reminds me mostly of DT since the music tends to be on...
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Beseech, "Souls Highway" Beseech
Souls Highway
Napalm Records
I thought Beseech was a grindcore bands. You know, one of those bands with forty fifteen second songs on an album and more words in the song titles than in the actual lyrics. Imagine my surprise when I put "Souls Highway" on and found a stunning, goth-laced suicide rock album that outshines the most recent efforts of several bands that...
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