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Age of Ruin, "Black Sands of the Hourglass" Age of Ruin
Black Sands of the Hourglass
Tribunal Records
Alright, I used to love Bon Jovi, and still in a nostalgic, embarrassing way I do now. "You Give Love a Bad Name" appears here in a metalcore stomping rendition and I really cannot bring myself to like it. If only they would have sang the entire track cleanly such as the chorus and left the cookie monster grunts out...
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Age of Ruin, "Autumn Lanterns" Age of Ruin
Autumn Lanterns
Tribunal Records
Autumn Lanterns is my first aural "encounter" with Age of Ruin. The band hails from around the DC area and plays a mix of new school metalcore with a nice touch of melodic Swedish death metal, a style that is becoming quite a "trend" as of late. However, don't be fooled and dismiss this band as another trend-hopper; Age of...
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