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Black Cobra, "Feather and Stone" Black Cobra
Feather and Stone

Black Cobra join the club that’s currently led by bands like High on Fire and Mastodon. On the group’s Feather and Stone album, these guys spew forth eight short tracks in right around 25 minutes. The music, as you’d expect, takes on a neanderthal pace and heaviness, is drenched in fuzzy, bottom-feeding guitar tones and is wracked...
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Black Cobra, "Bestial" Black Cobra
At a Loss Recordings
Black Cobra has done a great job of naming this record. This is an utterly bestial record. I hope you like noise, because they bring it in spades. In fact they remind me of a stoner version of the Unsane. This record is not all slow however. In fact it gets pretty fast at times....
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