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Elvenking, "The Scythe" Elvenking
The Scythe

I bought Elvenking's progressive power folk metal debut when it was released but didn't care for it due to the vocals - and that's all I remember about it and the band in general. I may even have written a review or two of some of their other albums, but that slips my mind as well. The point I'm trying...
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Elvenking, "The Winter Wake" Elvenking
The Winter Wake
Candlelight Records
"The Winter Wake" is the third release from this merry band of Celtic-influenced power metallers from Italy. I picked up the debut, "Heathenreel", back in the day, but I wasn't impressed by vocalist Damnagoras' efforts, thus I didn't buy their second record "Wyrd". Well, as Fate would have it, Damnagoras left the band in 2002, so he wasn't on the...
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