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Godless Rising, "Battle Lords" Godless Rising
Battle Lords
Moribund Records
Simultaneously reliving death metal’s early days and waving their Vital Remains ex-memberships over their collective head, the death metal quartet Godless Rising lay down their sophomore album ‘Battle Lords’. The band was formed only in 2005, but by all accounts were turning out quality material in no time at all and quickly were signed to the appropriately malicious Moribund Records,...
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Godless Rising, "Rising Hatred" Godless Rising
Rising Hatred
Pathos Productions
Godless Rising’s Rising Hatred EP may sound somewhat familiar to you, but that’s simply because Jeff Gruslin and Paul Flynn, both formerly of Vital Remains, are on vocal and guitar/songwriting duties. The six tracks on this album are all well-written and performed efforts in brimstone and blasphemy, and the similarity to Vital Remains' Let Us Pray and Into Cold...
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