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Candiria, "300 Percent Density" Candiria
300 Percent Density
Century Media
Brooklyn's Candiria has been turning heads by its metal/hardcore/jazz/hip-hop hybrid for a while now. First, it was their LP, Surrealistic Madness [Too Damn Hype, 1995], mixing death metal growls and Suffocation-like grinding parts with hardcore breakdowns. Then came the very critically acclaimed Beyond Reasonable Doubt [Too Damn Hype, 1996], which officially put the band on the map of metal music,...
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Candiria, "Process of Self-Development" Candiria
Process of Self-Development
Avante-garde metal is taking off in Scandinavia with bands like Solefald and Fleurety taking the chaos of black metal and injecting with the strangeness of European pop and techo or various shades and flavors of jazz. Strangely, America has had very little truly experimental metal in that vein. Until recently, that is, with a small burst of intense creativity and...
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