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Mendeed, "The Dead Live By Love" Mendeed
The Dead Live By Love
Century Media
Mendeed truly have talent, and display massive amounts of technical abilities throughout each track. The release, "The Dead Live by Love," is another well constructed work of theirs. They draw from many styles and eras in metal to develop their own mixture of super fast shredding tunes with a wide range of variation. They are described as a metalcore...
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Mendeed, "This War Will Last Forever" Mendeed
This War Will Last Forever
Nuclear Blast Records
America and the UK have in common a simple goal; metalcore. Yeah, that's unfortunate, but oh well. At least the UK's Mendeed are making a noticeable effort to diverge from being completely core and actually spilling some quite impressive talent into their work. I'm actually enjoying it. Mendeed's release entitled, "This War Will Last Forever," feels as though...
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