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Graf Orlock, "Destination Time Tomorrow" Graf Orlock
Destination Time Tomorrow
Level-Plane Records
First of all these guys have the best packaging ever. On the disc is the picture of a back of a head and the sleeve is a facehugger from Alien. From this and the name you can tell these guys like their horror movies (Graf Orlock is the name of the vampire from Nosferatu). What follows is...
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Graf Orlock, "Destination Time Yesterday" Graf Orlock
Destination Time Yesterday
Level-Plane Records
Alright, I'll get the bad out of the way right off the bat. This band has some godawful high-art concept shit going on. The band calls it "cinema-grind" because they splice in samples from late 80's early 90's action films to "create a potent social commentary in a theme that permeates lyricism and live shows." Whatever the hell that means....
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