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Aurora Borealis, "Time, Unveiled" Aurora Borealis
Time, Unveiled
Nightsky Productions
"Time, Unveiled" is the fourth release by Maryland's Aurora Borealis, a one-man with studio drummer project which I really enjoy. Ron Vento is the driving force behind this black/thrash unit, being not only the songwriter, guitarist, bassist, vocalist and lyricist, but the man responsible for the superb studio work. Having started off with Tony Laureano on drums for the 1996...
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Aurora Borealis, "Northern Lights" Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights
For a two-piece outfit, these guys make a lot of noise. Some of it is quite good too, though there are also a number of sections that don't help Aurora Borealis' cause. They play intricately structured blackened death metal that has a European vibe to it. Though where most bands described that way...
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