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Council of the Fallen, "Revealing Damnation" Council of the Fallen
Revealing Damnation
Martyr Music Group
Council of the Fallen is the unassuming side project of guitarist/vocalist Kevin Quirion, fleshed out by drummer supreme, Derek Roddy [Hate Eternal, Nile, Malevolent Creation, Aurora Borealis, etc.] and bassist/vocalist Sean Baxter [Broken Hope, Em Sinfonia]. They've quietly released an album five years in the making and it's an amazing debut that puts their respective day jobs to shame. ...
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Council of the Fallen, "Demo[n]" Council of the Fallen
"Demo[n]" is a nine-song collection of demo tracks from Council of the Fallen's formative era in the primordial ooze of Myrtle Beach, Florida. If you haven't heard Council of the Fallen's excellent debut, "Revealing Damnation", know that the band play an infectious mix of black/death metal with old school rawness, heavy production, and genuinely strong songwriting. It's a potent mix...
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