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Searing Meadow, "Corroding from Inside" Searing Meadow
Corroding from Inside
Crash Music
This is one of those records that I have much trouble with when I review it. The reason is because I can't say much of anything bad about it, but at the same time it doesn't really grab me either. In fact I only have one problem with this album. It sounds like Elegy-era Amorphis. I...
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Searing Meadow, "Enduring Enchantment" Searing Meadow
Enduring Enchantment
Independent Release
Now I get to hear something from the land of the Impaled Nazarene, Finland. This is definitely rooted in the old school of metal. In fact the only thing that keeps this from being power metal in need of a good bashing are the vocals of M. Ikkonen, whose style is closer to that of Nick Holmes work...
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Searing Meadow, "Once Adored" Searing Meadow
Once Adored
Searing Meadow have picked up where Amorphis left off at Tales from the Thousand Lakes. They manage to recreate that sound quite convincingly, although Searing Meadow sounds a lot happier than Amorphis...
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