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Avulsed, "Gorespattered Suicide" Avulsed
Gorespattered Suicide
Metal Age Productions
The title track kicks off Avlused’s Gorespattered Suicide album, and you’ll instantly realize that this Spanish quintet are simply dishing out more of the same crisp and gory death metal full of killer breaks and refreshing guitarwork. Once again these guys have reached stateside for immaculate recording sound, and once again they have trolled the depths of human depravity...
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Avulsed, "Yearning for the Grotesque" Avulsed
Yearning for the Grotesque
Avantgarde Music
Spain's gore gurus Avulsed did everything but eviscerate us with their last album, Stabwound Orgasm. And while it seems nearly impossible, this sick quintet has topped all previous efforts with their latest offering, Yearning for the Grotesque. The songs are heavier and faster, the instrumentation is more diverse, the imagery is more offensive, and...
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Avulsed, "Bloodcovered" Avulsed
Independent Release
Aptly titled Bloodcovered because it consists solely of cover songs, Avlused's new mini CD is worth the $10 and the wait for the postal service to deliver it. This brutal quintet from Madrid rips through four studio cuts, and one live song (Sepultura's "Inner Self"). The four tracks recorded in the studio are originally...
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Avulsed, "Stabwound Orgasm" Avulsed
Stabwound Orgasm
If ever there has been a time when you have used my reviews as a guideline for what to buy, then pay close attention to this one. Spain's Avulsed has created one nasty fucking album with Stabwound Orgasm that is even better than it is sick. Adorning the cover are two busty, naked women...
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Avulsed, "Cybergore" Avulsed
Repulse Records
Ok, ok, already. I know most metal fans dislike techno, but that's just because most techno doesn't have death metal vocals and killer guitar loops fused into it. Spain's crazy gore mongers Avulsed have chosen to depart from their usual music and for one special disc give us a chance to really appreciate quality...
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Avulsed, "Eminence in Putrescence" Avulsed
Eminence in Putrescence
Repulse Records
Avulsed's first full-length delivers the goods, and along with it, lots of blood and corpses. Aptly titled Eminence In Putrescence, the album is chock-full of gory imagery, Dave Rotten's inhuman vocals and splattery death metal in the vein of their more recent work. This Spanish quintet is rock solid and truly convincing from the...
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Avulsed, "Carnivoracity" Avulsed
Repulse Records
Spain's Avlused, on their first EP, Carnivoracity play relatively standard brutal death metal. The vocals are super low (and if you read the other reviews, you'll realize that Dave Rotten's got quite the death metal growl and the band's evolved incredibly), the rhythm section is working overtime, and the guitars add the guts of the...
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