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Ephel Duath, "Pain Necessary to Know" Ephel Duath
Pain Necessary to Know
Elitist Records
How adventurous do you like your metal? Because whether or not you can appreciate the latest effort from Ephel Duath is entirely contingent on if you like to be challenged as a listener. Those who prefer that their windmills and pinky-and-index-finger salutes remain uninterrupted by new ideas may want to steer clear of something this quirky, but if...
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Ephel Duath, "The Painter's Palette" Ephel Duath
The Painter's Palette
Elitist Records
Eclectic is barely adequate when describing this wacky Italian band's newest release. Comprised of over 90 songs (I don't know how many because my CD player loses count after about 25?) grouped in tens, The Painter's Palette is bizarre, but not solely because of the album's layout. The music is a twisted, cleanly-produced mix...
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Ephel Duath, "Rephormula" Ephel Duath
Elitist Records
Ephel Duath is one of the most promising black metal bands I've heard in a long time, but you wouldn't necessarily know it from a listen to RePhormula, Earache's repackaging of their debut CD, Phormula, which includes a re-mastered Phormula in its entirety, two remixes and three tracks from their incredible Opera demo. Ephel Duath play an exotic, chaotic, melodic...
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