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Darkest Hour, "Deliver Us" Darkest Hour
Deliver Us
Victory Records
Darkest Hour follow up their absolutely huge Undoing Ruin with Deliver Us, a disc that plays like In Flames’ Clayman when compared to Colony or The Conductor’s Departure following Anata’s brilliant Under a Stone with no Inscription. It’s the big shiny disc-two that still rocks hard but lacks the surprise and genius of the former. For this reason,...
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Darkest Hour, "Archives" Darkest Hour
A-F Records
Having been at the top of America's death metal/hardcore crop for more than a decade, Darkest Hour now sees fit to release a collection of their earlier work. That's all fine and dandy, but isn't it a little suspect for a band whose members have barely hit 30 to do something like this? For one thing, it smacks of...
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Darkest Hour, "Undoing Ruin" Darkest Hour
Undoing Ruin
Victory Records
Finally! This is the sound of hardcore kids (men) playing metal. This is the way it should be and Darkest Hour have shot themselves and everyone else catering to exploited Swedish death metal in the foot. These Virginian hoods have proved worthy adversaries of every other band in this now completely bastardized genre. After the mediocre Victory debut So Sedate,...
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Darkest Hour, "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation" Darkest Hour
Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
Victory Records
As much as I like Darkest Hour, I have always been the band's biggest critic. This band has all the potential to get bigger and become one of the forerunners of the U.S. melodic death metal scene, but due to previous label mishaps as well as some stagnation in the sound, Darkest Hour has not been able to blossom at...
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