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In Thy Dreams, "Highest Beauty" In Thy Dreams
Highest Beauty
Century Media
My flavor for this week just so happens to be In Thy Dreams' second full effort, Highest Beauty. As you might have discovered before, the band's previous work Gate of Pleasure was both a bit short [clocking in just over 30 minutes] and lacking in diversity from song to song. No longer is this the case. On this ten-track opus,...
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In Thy Dreams, "Gate of Pleasure" In Thy Dreams
Gate of Pleasure
War Music
After In Thy Dreams released the Stream of Dispraised Souls EP, I had really, extremely high hopes for the band, maybe artificially high. The reason I say this is because every time I listen to Gate of Pleasure, I am at first awed by the stunning musicianship, and then disappointed that it wasn't better. I think...
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