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Misery Index, "Discordia" Misery Index
Relapse Records
Discordia is Misery Index’s 2006 ten-song workout in super-dense, blast-heavy death metal. The half-hour of music is utterly unrelenting, totally commanding and straight-forward enough to get into right away. Sounding quite a bit like Napalm Death meets Dying Fetus, minus much of the technical guitar work, Misery Index know exactly when to throw in the time changes, switch...
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Misery Index, "Retaliate" Misery Index
Nuclear Blast Records
The earliest rumblings of Misery Index were promising, but even on their latest release - a split CD with Commit Suicide - the glue still hadn't dried on the music. However, with the inevitable unleashing of Misery Index's full-length bow, Misery Index have delivered on their promise to destroy everything in their path. Led by bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton and...
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Misery Index, "Split w/Commit Suicide" Misery Index
Split w/Commit Suicide
Willowtip Records
After the spectacular implosion of Dying Fetus last year, a few of the booted members started up Misery Index and hopes were running high that they'd be pissed off enough to write something better than, "Destroy the Opposition". I remember hearing a few tracks a while ago that were just crushing, and it looked as though they were well on...
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